Tax Resources

Download all of your frequently used tax forms here.

In preparation for our meeting, please fill out the Tax Organizer form. Once completed and signed, fax the form to (215) 742-4142 or email a scanned copy to This will allow us to make your visit as smooth as possible so that we may spend the majority of the time discussing the matters that are most important to you.

Download a copy of the Tax Organizer form:

Additional Forms

2022 Business Income & Expense Form

2022 Rental Income Expense Form

Required Documents

  1. Bank statements from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021 along with check images. (If no check images, pl. provide payment details)
  2. Bank deposit information (usually we can get this information from bank statements). If you deposited any money from your pocket, please let us know with proof of deposit.
  3. Any loans paid to third parties including yourself or employees.
  4. Business credit card statements from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021 (If you are using personal credit cards for business expenses, please provide personal credit card statements.)
  5. 1099 misc. income or other income details
  6. 1099 K statements (Purchase information you receive from vendors)
  7. Bank interest statements
  8. Other investment income statements if you have one for the business.
  9. Payroll information, forms 941, 940, W3, Unemployment report and W2’s (if we run your payroll kindly ignore this request.)
  10. Any capital purchases during the year for business. 
  11. Cash receipts for cash payments incurred (Please provide information on a spreadsheet with details)
  12. Ending Inventory and Purchase information if you have retail inventory oriented business.
  13. Subcontracting expense details (1099’s issued)
  14. Foreign operations all details.
  15. If we are doing your taxes for the first time, please provide last year’s tax return copy along with articles of incorporation, EIN letter etc. latest by March 10, 2022.
PERSONAL TAXES (Personal information; Names, SS numbers, date of birth info is a must)
  1. W2 forms, 1099 Int./ 1099 Dividend statements.
  2. 1099 B stock transactions (Must provide Sales Income and Purchase Price information)
  3. Rental Property/Properties: Please provide income and expense details (Mortgage interest paid, RE taxes, Management fees, Travel exp., maintenance. / repairs details, Building insurance, HOA fees, Utilities, legal fees etc.)
  4. IRA distributions/Contributions during the year
  5. Pension receipt statement
  6. Unemployment compensation
  7. Any K-1 income statements from S corps/Partnerships/trusts
  8. Social security receipts for the year
  9. Gambling winnings and expenses
  10. Debt cancellation statements (1099 C’s), 1099 c’s are taxable.
  11. Kid’s daycare expense details (Total payments, name and addresses of payee with Tax ID/SS number)
  12. College tuition payment statements for self and/or dependents
  13. HSA payments/distribution statements
  14. Affordable care/Obama Care: Please provide form 1095-A.
  15. If you received stimulus payments attach form 1444/144B
  16. Investment real property sales and purchase information (INCLUDING YOUR PRINCIPAL HOUSE SOLD)
  17. Foreign income and expense details
  18. Foreign investment information
  20. Bank account information with Routing number/Account number
  21. Your personal ID information (Driver’s license) for you and your spouse.


Due to the increase of COVID-19 cases in Philadelphia we will be preparing tax returns virtually this season. What does this mean? All appointments (as well as receiving and sending documents) will be handled electronically. Here is a quick breakdown of how we will be operating this season to protect our clients and staff during the pandemic:


The best way to schedule an appointment is to call our tax office at 215-745-2404. Our specialists are available M-F from 9:30am-5:30am to answer your call. If you do not reach anyone, please leave a detailed message and someone will return your call within 24 hours. You can email us to schedule an appointment as well.

We will be performing virtual appointments for all clients. You will receive an online conferencing link when scheduling your appointment. Online conferencing options include Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, and Apple FaceTime. A regular phone call will suffice as well. If you have any concerns or are unsure how to have a virtual appointment, please contact our office.


Upload: You may securely upload your tax documentation using our website. We continue to use our secure folder sharing web application called ShareFile. If you have already uploaded or downloaded a document from ShareFile before, you can login our from the menu bar above. If you cannot remember your password, simply select “Forgot Password” to follow the steps to reset your password. If you have never uploaded or downloaded a document from ShareFile, please contact our team to set up your account.

Fax: You may fax your information to 215-742-4142. Please put documents of multiple pages in order before sending. You may need to make a copy of the back side of pages and slip them in order before faxing. You will be notified when documents have been received.

Mail*: If you plan on mailing your documents, keep your originals, send copies if possible and request a tracking number from the Post Office. Contact our office for additional mailing instructions.

Office Drop-offs*: If you plan on dropping off your documents at our office, keep your originals, drop off copies if possible and contact our office for additional instructions. We provide contactless drop-off service – please walk in and drop off your paperwork in the lobby. Please ensure you are wearing a mask for everyone’s protection – vaccinated or not.
*Please note: mailed documents and drop-offs will take longer to process because of postal service delays due to COVID. You will be contacted when we have received your documents.